Our Team

Our dedicated team plays an integral part in the success of our patients at Winston Salem Nursing and Rehabilitation. The members of our skilled and diverse therapy team have decades of combined experience with specialties in orthopedics, spinal treatment, neurological treatment, wounds, geriatrics, wheelchair positioning, restraint reduction, swallowing, cognitive staging and urinary incontinence. Our staff is compassionate and understanding to our patients' needs and foster a warm and positive atmosphere while utilizing their years of experience and skill to provide treatment.

Denise Willard
Executive Director

I am the Executive Director for Winston Salem Nursing and Rehab . My background consists of 20 years experience working in administrative roles, with 10 years in maintenance as a sourcing and purchasing agent for a portfolio of 20 facilities. I traveled to a variety of countries such as Honduras, El Salvador, and Mexico at the start of my nursing career as a certified nurse’s assistant. My goal was to become a Director of Nursing. I kept pursuing my education and experience while working as a licensed practical nurse, Registered Nurse, and then eventually upon becoming a
Director of Nursing .

In addition, I have a background as an MDS nurse, which has been a great asset to me in my current role as Executive Director. My passion lies in working with the geriatric population to improve their quality of life as well as to enhance the culture of the building and to make a more enjoyable experience for residents and their families. My position allows me to utilize my full potential as a leader, teacher, and mentor. I am a very passionate patient advocate, and also respect and support my staff to move them forward and to provide the highest standards of nursing care and companionship for our residents. I have been working in our Winston Salem location since 2007.

Corrie Wilson
Director of Nursing

Since March 2017, I have been the Director of Nursing here at Winston Salem Nursing and Rehab. I have been an RN for 38 years, and have worked in the hospital setting the first ten years of my career. I decided to change directions and accepted a position in long-term care when I realized my passion was for caring for the geriatric population of our community. I have remained in long term care for the past 28 years, where I have served as a Director of Nursing for 22 years. I have also held the position of Regional Nurse Consultant. My role as Director of Nursing allows me to help residents achieve the best quality of life possible while maintaining their dignity and respect. I encourage, teach and support my nursing staff to provide and meet the highest standards of nursing care.